My Most Unforgettable Experience

"Don, katayin mo nga yung dumalaga natin". I hesitated it though it wasn't my first time to dress/butcher a live chicken but my father told me so, so I had to. I had to prepare it for dinner.

Almost every morning I throw a hand-full of rice grains at our the backyard to feed our chicken. I love to see those young little chicks feeding with their mother Hen. Each of them pecking every grain they see. It was nice to see them growing up though I would like to see them remain as young chicks as they are.
Among those little chicks I had one favorite. The one which was so "makulet" and mabait and cute.

Time came, they were all grown up and about to be sold. When a buyer comes, I choose which one to be sold and intentionally, I had my favorite one left.

My father may have noticed that we have one left and we had nothing for dinner. Its been quite a long time since our last 'native-chicken tinola', so he uttered, "don, katayin mo yung dumalaga natin".

I really hated the fact that I have to kill and slaughter my favorite chicken, but I cant do anything, they were all expecting for a delicious tinola by dinner.

It wasnt hard to catch my favorite chicken coz it was "mabait". After my hundreds of apologies to it, I had my little brother clip the wings as I grab the feet and hold it a little up-side down. The edge of the knife hasnt touched the neck of the chicken yet but my eyes were becoming itchy and feels like a pail of water wants to come out of it.

I dont want to be scolded by my father, so I just closed my eyes as I gently began making a slit on its neck . Its blood started dripping down the bowl and along is my pail of tears. It was followed by another hundreds of apologies, followed by a goodbye. I covered its head by putting it underneath its wings.

I set it aside as I prepare a boiling water where the chicken will be soaked to dress it. I prepared the ingredients as waited for the water to boil.

When the water is done, I went back to get the chicken to soak it, but to my surprise! the chicken was GONE!!!! I dont have any idea as to who took the chicken. I asked anyone possible if they happen to see who took the chicken from the kitchen, but to my dismay, none of them had any idea. We all started looking for it anywhere possible but we all failed.

After a moment, I hear a chicken crowing a little coarse, then I hear my little sister saying" kuya may manok duon sa likod" I then saw my chicken feeding like it was before.

I didn't know what to feel, my chicken is somewhat saying " This might be the last time I will make you laugh"


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