about a Crush

It is sometimes fun to look back to some of interesting things that happened to your cruel life..(hehe), to bring up some smiles when you are down. Let’s say a crush.. maybe, *toinkz* haha.. well she is now on the other side of the world so..hmm, I remember this one time when we had a little “inuman” at ZYLCS (a small local tambayan just about some steps away from TP with a fascinating a little bit of romantic ambience and soul healing aroma of a scented candle, which I don’t know where is located by the way, and with a green scented papers on the tables(or I don’t know if just a jar of vanilla spilled on it). There was I, a little tipsy.. the brew may have overcomed my shyness and kacornihan took over, don’t know how to express the little admiration, grab a pen (that kuya had given to maybe reveal the purpose of the papers) and does some drawing on the table covering(which was the scented paper). I guess I would like to thank the owner for that that nice gimmick, an idea that helped me express my attention-hungry admiration. So, going back to the drawing.. it was a figure of a girl that I mentioned them my “dream girl” that im estimating as the inuman goes on, and.. just when I’m about to finish my little drawing, I told my friend who covers some details of my crush, “ dude, excuse nman..di ko makita ung ginagawa ko eh”. She may have noticed im throwing an eye at her (a survey of my canvass) while doing the little drawing ..so hmm, I guess.. yun na un..hehe,
A super down to earth girl of a beautiful design who you’ll love to spend break time and yosi break with. Well, it is her birthday and I haven’t gotten to talk to her since our TP days, I would like to do another drawing as a corny gift but I guess I wouldn’t be able to mail it to her so… I guess let me just sketch it this way.

I stumble upon, a beautiful design
Of an art so stunning, pleasingly inviting
From the other side of the fence, there was I staring
On a charming scene with the little flower I am admiring

Arrested was I, for it made me smile
My eyes are caught every time I pass by
Attached is a feeling that suggests an admiration
Lingering on mind, teasing a sweet little affection.

Days are brighter in every time I gaze
at this dainty sight, I am agreeingly amazed
If I can just pick it up, I know I certainly would
Ill jump over, but wait, “over da bakod?”

Oh my God, what Im thinking will be an offense
for it belongs to someone at the other side of the fence
but I want it so badly, though it can never be mine
“for your eyes only”, God!, I have overlooked your sign.

Oh boi, frustrated I was, detaching my sight
To the lovely YOU Im convinced one of a kind
Frustrated was I, looking at the field of flowers
Its another YOU, is what I hope I can find

All dismayed I went back for another gaze
coz I found that not a single flower is close to your likeness
I went back yet another frustration unfold
dull and lifeless scene is now what my eyes behold

The rose was taken to show more of its beauty
from a rose of reality into a painting so dreamy
the rose that once on the other side of the fence for my seeing
is now pleasing the other side of the world and now only for my dreaming.

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