(after that phone call)

Reminisce the feeling. Old, but still funny.
Faded, but sweet still.Painful but draws a smile. Gone but left traces.
Thought all hopes were long gone, but it just did.

Cuteness, purity, innocence I’ve longed, blinded
me. I click the shutter and thats so her, six years ago, that I see.
All convinced it was wrong, I opened my eyes. Thought I see the world
clearly under the clouded sky. Sky so hidden, a hope that I thought not
existing, blurred my sight. Smoke that gets into my eyes and caused it
damp. Then the just I hear in me straightens the path so I can walk.

The telephone rang before a pail of cold water
damped me awake. The truth that utters an increasing decibel from a
high note, deafening me from somewhere. I can hear it nearing and it
will eat me. I’m trembling from the sound of the fact I can barely hear
that’s shutting me off. My system is weakened and defeated by the
frequency I cant handle and dropped me down to my knee. Nightmare had
eaten me.

“She already have a baby”. Now I have to let
go of the hope that blurs, wake up in a fluvial lonely lake where the
clouded sky of hope pours down. goodbye joice..

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