I couldn’t agree more, life is
so ironic. I just realize another episode of life’s sarcasm. Why’d you
have to meet someone and feel an utmost affection where indeed, after
six years, will turn out to be pointless?. An absurd apologue of my
first ‘Roses and Chocolates’. My first acne.

Alcohol isn’t really sweet,
life’s irony made it. every shot I take, a desire to find an answer,
and I find even answers criticize. Was it my fault for not having her
mine? well, maybe irony isn’t really the contrary that twists the
truth. its with the truth, only hard to see. and when you see, even
harder to take. Tough life.

It was my herculean task that
faced this irony for bringing “that’s life” to a reason. And when the
herculean me thought the hysteria has just been overcomed, another
tragedy was about to unfold. I witness how can irony be extremely and
sarcastically Ironic, before my eyes..”ang cute nung baby nya, kamukha
ko”. Then the pinch in my heart ironically caused me to smile. Ironic,
C’est la Vie.

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