Good life

Pen rubbing against the paper. Clock ticking. Sounds. Words running, bouncing at every wall of my mind. Me, being with myself.
I just went out and had my dinner. Saw only few people in the street. Went back and puff some "lights."
What a lovely night. I can feel the satiety, a body satisfied by my favorite tapsilog. Yawning and stretching, relieving my muscles reminded me of a good life, over this cold night.
Summarizing. Pretty much what happened today is ordinary. Same day, same pressures, same worries, same me. I remember, being ordinary is what scares most of American youngs, just like how birds hate scarecrows. But out of this ordinary scene, I guess I’m omitting something.
I always feel that Im being left behind. I always feel na wla akong nararating. I sometimes feel the word “success” nags me. A pressure.
I took a deep breath , right at the point where I cant take more air, I hold my breath. I see an immense number of pictures flashing though. Natigilan ako, then I smile, breathing out.
Worries can make you overlook things you should be thankful of. This night makes me realize that success doesn’t mean financial triumph, a title or position.. or an elevated social status.
Sometimes success comes in small things. Small things from few people who make me realized I’m successful in some ways, especially.. by having them. Small things that mean a lot for me,
Out of ordinary day, out of ordinary people and out of ordinary friends you’ll get to know a one in a million. In this world where people come and go, time and situation filter the million into a few. Just like this night who revealed those few in the street who stayed up out of thousands of passersby by day. Millions into a few through the screening process of adversity.
Out of this few that I have, someone said, “sino ba cla? Employer lang sila”. A strong thought from someone who knows that friendship is a more permanent concept than a title, a position or a job. Im not lucky for having a decent job but for having a friend who is one in a million. He is pretty much an advisor, a boss, “utangan”, “kainuman”, “barkada”..but is best described by the word friend. Bob. A person who never elevate himself, someone worth looking up to. That’s Bob. A super down to earth humble friend who, in front of bottles of redhorse, I celebrate the thing I have overlooked with. A good life.

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