My Most Embarrassing Experience

My Most Embarrassing Experience

"HUuuUMANAaaaaAY!!!!!!!!!!", a call from the quadrangle of our school. We all know the drill and with less than a minute, there we are, all lined up, right at the center of the quadrangle with our corpse commander in front. A single call that makes the quadrangle filled with junior and senior robots, I mean studes saying "hop, hoe!" hop, hoe "left, ryt" left, ryt!".

I was a senior student then, old enough for the drills, but young enough to experience the most embarrassing experience of my life. Let me tell you more about that...

We had a subject called PMT (puppet military training), I mean, Preliminary Military Training. When
the clock hits 5, the HUuuMANAAAaaaY!!! will be heard and the juniors and seniors will come rushing
to where Mr. Huuumanaay is, lining up into platoons. Every platoon has their own Puppeteer ( I mean Officer), checking the attendance before they start yelling their lungs out!..

For an hour, we will be practicing the, "patakda, na!" where we suppose to start walking like robots 
and the "pulutong, hinto!" where we should stop walking and stand fixed without a single motion. At times, we will be toy soldiers carrying a riffle saying "hop, hoe!" " hop, hoe" and will turn right or left
with our remote controll yelling "harap sa kanan, harap!" or "harap sa kaliwa, 'rap!". All these, in a snappy rhythmic cadence, otherwise, youll hear the "give me two weeks" and that's 14 push-ups, or "three weeks!" for 21 , or more. Same punishment for lousy, unprepared, "pasaway" ,etc.

So there was I, one of the robots who cant even scratch his *****( because of punishment that could bring shame after the session), hearing all the yelling and doing all the robot thing. But before that, let me go back just a bit...

Earlier that day, I was having trouble with my belt buckles( the hinge is kind of broken) and loose pants. My mother told me, "sa sunod an tayo bili anak, pwede pa yan". Well, I can do nothing but to convince myself with" Be happy with what you have".

Huumanaaay!! and the campus is clouded with dust after the sound of thousand Horse's feet. I was there standing among the robots of platoon Alpha (for cute guys..hehe), worrying about my broken buckles and loose pants. Well, it wasn't long before I have forgotten about that "anxiety" because someone has brightened-up my day^^,. That cute girl on the girls platoon Ive been eying..^^

At the middle of the session, our officer may have noticed that we were doing good so we were given 4 mins to quench and fix ourselves. Right at that moment, the girls platoon is right at our back, which I haven't noticed bytheway. " Men!! you got 4 mins to quench and fix yourselves, tuck your clothes in emman!". " Now, harap sa likod, 'harap!"

We were just waiting for the signal "Go!" to get the 4 mins "rest" started, when my buckles gave up and my loose pants fell-off.( Jan pu nagunaw ang mundo ko mga kapuso). I was there, with my pants down, FACING the platoon of girls.

My blood came rushing-up from my feet all the way up to my head " na parang sasabog sa kahihiyan!!" as the girl Ive been eying is right in front of me who cant seem to look anywhere down my chest..haha!!
I later realized it all happened because I wasn't wearing my lucky brief^^( or should I say, I wasnt wearing any brief....but boxer) ..haha!!

We became friends after..hehe..

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