damn it Romeo

I remember the first poem i wrote for you
written by the innocent feeling of naive Romeo
I had a hard time with words only to describe you
sweet words piled up flaunting a feeling so true.

A funny little poetry that rhymes every end of each line
Made me up all night relating ur beauty with the moonshine
In my mind was a story about “there’s you and me”
In a world so beautiful and only imaginary.

If I can bring back that time for even just a minute
Ill give you that poem and i will not replace it
With the one that I made to offer only friendship
You should have known my feelings i shouldnt have kept it.

And now, after six years of missing my Juliet
I am writing a new poem of not love but regret
coz the ten years of being Romeo of my fairy tale has faded.
“she was my Juliet but im not her Romeo” is how the story ended.


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