Thanks for seeing me

I am sick.I didn't know. It all started when my body clock changed..well, because of TP. I cant blame my job now, so I blame it on coffee,("hey! what did you do to me?").I then wanted to get rid of it..found it hard, I did it gradually.., the the sweets, chocolates and late night movie-watching. It may have helped somehow but not to the point of having the ability to sleep so soundly. Well, staying up is totally fine for me, I love night, I'm just sick and tired of ineffective sugar-rush in the morning to keep me up. I cant help it. The sun is hurting my eyes, my eyelids become so heavvvy. I want to enclose myself somewhere dark, so I can rest, for years.

Ive got a disease, its chronic and its becoming severe. Now, Im just waiting for a more severe and obvious symptoms, the lengthening of my fangs, becoming mysterious and becoming totally handsome.. oh forgive me, I just feel tat it requires becoming one . I dont know but vampire movies caught my regular late night movie-watching. Im starting to realize that I really liked them, love them from a worth-a-watch movie thought.

They, one night, came into my imagination before I realized they found a shelter. Enchanting as the night, their eyes, strong personality, belief and attitude I found irresistible. Charismatic. So modern now.
I noticed the"why cant I sleep" question has gone. I close my eyes and clear my mind. I felt something, an attachment. Bond. Life. Brotherhood. Then saw something. It was there.
A mass hysteria I figured I didn't resist joining. I'm one. Ive been. I just realized it.

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