beautiful relief

I use to resort to some beautiful things lingering in my mind especially when Im
down or in failure. They come in handy and they are such a relief. It
helps me cut loose from the confining reality. Reality that corrupts our
dreams as we grow old.

I dusted off some of those and I see the same old yet vivid thoughts and feelings of excitement and sweet scents that are quite hard to put into words.

I close my eyes and I see beautiful desires. I want to spend the rest of my life by the river or on my little boat floating on the sea.. with my fishing rod, patiently waiting for my catch to take the bait as I rest from the days work watching the beauty of sunset. And when the sunset is over, I will sail my way home where my girl is waiting for the cook's arrival, I will then prepare a full flavored meal for that sweet dinner before we share the night. The smell of breakfast and coffee will wake me up for a new day. All of these as we make each and every day of our life way far from over.

Blooff! enough of that. Lets go back to reality.

Reality bites, and it doesn't just hurt, it sucks! dreams aren't usually in tune with reality. When I was younger, I wanted to be a seaman circumnavigating the world . But here comes reality! Fast forward 10 years later, Here I am trying to devote my entire life to seeing beauty. The dream of becoming a seaman has sailed far from me now, but I know, the love of beauty will sailor me for the rest of my life. *wink!*

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