I blend in

I blend in.
Most of them havent even finish high school but i know..educational attainment isnt really a requirement in a good friendship.Cases of beers and some sessions of good talks built it up. A two month old building called friendship, which I thought.. could be unbreakable. We all have the right to be a friend of anyone and to anyone. I prefer them to be my friend.

These people are not likely to be agreeable and likable from a personal note of a middle class person, but not for me. They are of my own age, generation and society. I gave it a shot. I blend in.

Individual differences battled its way to show up. I respect our differences. I did not elevate myself. Im not a kind of person who steals the limelight, always "bida", bragger or wanna-be-on-top. I would rather be a soft spoken tiny little thing in the basement than someone shouting and bragging how high he is at the top, on the roof top of that something we built. I was expecting they're gonna be the same.. and, they did not. I knew something is wrong.

These people made me feel at home since I moved in. "tol, dito walang gagalaw sayo.. kami bahala" So good to be true and as bizarre as it became. Trust and refraining myself from being judgmental made me overlook something. I havent seen the other side of them lurking in the darkness of who they really are. I lost my phone.

The very next day, I talked to them and tried to bug their conscience.With their contradicting words, I was picking up the pieces of a broken idea. Eventually, I knew who did it.. but they got something unbreakable and it cloaked the truth of what happened, concealing the Crook. That something is symbolized by a mark, a scar from a burning-red coin stroked on their skin for that glorifying ugly scar as a badge of their brotherhood. It apparently got in their veins and went up to their brains carrying an idea of "becoming untouchable" . A kind of education Ill be ashamed of bearing.

Each one of them fabricated their own stories trying to get themselves off the hook, but eventually they screw their own stories up and gave them hell. They got my phone back concealing the villain."wla na sakin yun, nabalik nman na eh". Making them think I let them off the hook. I keep my distance. At the back of my mind, lady gaga is saying, "trust is like a mirror, you can fix it but you will still see the cracks on that moda*#f*k*g reflection". So simple yet so true.

Realizing who these people are made me think "I made a mistake". Thats a little uncertain until I found both of them ruined by alcohol, squabbling over something right in front of me. I tried to cool down the situation, "tol, bukas nalang tau magusap usap, parepreho na kasi tayong nakainom" in a soft and humble tone. Then a fist wrapping a stone smack me right in my face. Right at that moment, they know they've just lost a friend. I found my aviator shades useful for two weeks.

Im somewhere in the map between living life and obligation. Its where things happen, unexpected.. but planned to teach us lessons. Nonetheless, I like this lesson more than that of having a good old educated friend I trusted who turned out to be someone I really really dont know.

Learning is interesting isnt it?

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